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20188 Bit Dreams – 八位元山水夢 一票人票畫空間| PiaoPiao & 畫庫 (ㄧ月) – (台北)

2017 – Baker’s Dozen – 藝術展 REVOLVER (八月) – (台北)

2010 – Take A Walk In My Shoes 一票人票畫空間| PiaoPiao & 畫庫 (八月) – (台北)

2010 – Five Deadly Venom’sThe Base (八月) – (台北)

2010 – Return Of The WaxxxSEVEN (四月) – (台北)

2010 – That’s Art Folk’sTaipei XinYi Public Assembly Hall (一月) – (台北)

2009 – It’s Gotta Be The ShoesBLISS (八月) – (台北)


2011 – Now you’re Playing with Power REVOLVER (九月) (台北)

2011 – T.R.O.YReap & Sew (六月) – (加拿大渥太華)

2009 – Fan Show 一票人票畫空間| PiaoPiao & 畫庫 (七月) – (台北)

2009 – My Bear, My Hero! 英熊大會 – 一票人票畫空間| PiaoPiao & 畫庫 (台北) –

2008 – Book Show 一票人票畫空間| PiaoPiao & 畫庫 (二月) – (台北)


Themba Child was born in Toronto, Canada, and at a young age, moved with his family to Ottawa, Canada. While in Canada he attended life drawing and painting classes and completed a diploma in graphic design.


In Taiwan, he learned watercolor painting in different studios before finding a Chinese painting that he would attend for more than 10 years. Of the many teachers that he learned from his Chinese painting teacher challenged him the most and was able to help him reach new heights in his art. During this time he was able to see a master artist at work who also critiqued his work and inspired him to improve. Moving to Taiwan was a very big change in his life and Chinese painting made the transition in lifestyle much easier.

在台灣, 在不同的畫室學習水彩畫,直到他找到了讓他投入10年以上的中國水墨畫室。教過的眾多老師裡,國畫老師給他的挑戰最多也最大,也因此幫助他的畫達到新的高度。在這段 期間,他有機會看到大師作畫的樣子,同時老師的評論給予了他在作品上不同的啟發與進步。移居至台灣是個很巨大的改變,而學習水墨畫使生活方式的轉變容易了許多。

Growing up Themba loved pop culture which heavily influences the subject of his art. He often references old video games and uses characters or objects from the games in his works. The process has taken a long time to incorporate into his art and continues to challenge him with ways to push his new ideas.

長大的 喜歡流行文化,這極大地影響了他的藝術創作主題。 他經常引用舊的電動遊戲,在其畫作中使用電動遊戲中的人物或物體。這花了 很長時間才將此想法融入他的藝術,並繼續挑戰他產生各式的新點子。

He experiments with ideas and mediums and often tries to combine the styles to make them look like they belong together. Despite mainly spending his time making Chinese paintings, he often takes time to explore other styles and mediums – from watercolor to acrylic.

他嘗試各種點子和顏料,並經常將它們組合在一起,使它們看起來無違和感。 儘管 將主要畫作的時間放在國畫上,但他經常花時間探索其他風格和顏料-從水彩到壓克力顏料。

His process for creating a painting often starts with an idea that may come from something he saw on tv or heard in a song. Some ideas require more research and sometimes require fabricating things like stencils. Once that is all done he decides how he wants to lay out the painting and then starts to create the piece. In the future, he hopes to work with different galleries and brands that will allow him to create and explore his ideas.

創作繪畫的過程通常始於一個想法,這個想法可能來自他在電視上看到或在歌曲中聽到的東西。 部份想法需要更多的研究,有時還需要製作模板之類的東西。一旦完成,他就會決定如何佈置繪畫,然後開始創作作品。 將來,他希望與不同的畫廊和品牌合作,使他能夠創造和探索自己的想法。